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Thursday's Learning

I’m back … did you miss me. I’m missing all of you especially my class. How did you get on? I’m sure you have done some marvellous writing describing your carnival creation and included some wonderful adjectives. I know you are doing your most beautiful handwriting and spelling many words correctly.  Most of all, have you proof read your writing? We just can’t wait to read it alongside your amazing creations.


Can you remember the names of the clock hands and how they function? I started teaching at 9.0’clock, one hour later was 10 0’clock. One hour earlier was 8 0’clock. How did you get on with telling the time? You can always read the clocks in your house and keep practising telling the time to the hour.


Now that you have looked at city life and countryside and the human features that surround them, where would you like to live and why? I think I prefer the city because it is busy and has lots of shops, even though there is a lot of traffic and it can be quite noisy.


I hope you are getting plenty of exercises and fresh air … remember the brains needs this to help you learn. It also needs you to keep on doing all the activities online because a healthy nourished brain is a happy jolly brain J Ms Satnarine just made up that saying … do you like it? J


OK don’t forget BUG club …for reading and I’m sure lots of you are getting good practice with your times table on TT rock stars.

Have a great evening and I’ll be back soon.


Love, heart

Ms Satnarine X

Hey …hey …Year one! Sending you a warm welcome for another dayJ

I have been excited designing our wrist band in class with the children! We used bright colours, glitter and sequins and put lots of patterns on it. What did you design for the carnival… were you able to make something? Maybe a costume. I bet some of you made head dresses and flags. Well today for writing, you will be describing what you made. Did you notice my quick example of describing our wrist bands? I haven’t seen much of your carnival creations on seesaw. I’m sure you are still finishing it off and will show us soon J

What’s the time Mr Wolf…1 O’clock! You are going to identify O’clock… Look at the clocks in your house. Can you say when it reaches O’clock? I wonder if you can say what one hour later would be.

We live in the city but it’s wonderful to escape to the countryside sometimes. In geography you will be sorting and identifying the differences between the countryside and the cities in Brazil.

It is so important to proof read your learning especially in your writing. I am happy that you will be learning about proof reading in SPaG and getting extra practice. This skill will help you tremendously in year two and beyond.

Don’t forget to practise your spellings, handwriting and reading, which you do all the time in your learning.

Happy learning and I’ll zoom back in later to see how you have been doing.


 Ms Satnarine X