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Thursday's Learning

Hello again Year 1s,heart


I know you will agree it’s always great to start the day off with a fresh energised body and mind and Joe Wick’s workouts help us achieve that.


In writing did you use your story map to help you write the end of the story? I hope you included those amazing adjectives and detail to make the story more interesting and captivate the reader. All the teachers can’t wait to read your story so don’t’ forget to post it on Seesaw.  


Maths looked fun and challenging, it involved lots and lots of money, were you able to add the amounts and use the correct symbol to compare them? What strategy did you use to find the total amount of money?


Tomorrow is Happy Friday and Reading Champion Award Day! so remember to review the two books you have read today and post it to your teacher.   


We are all so very proud of your efforts and hard work. We always look forward and are excited to see your learning so remember to post it to your teacher on Seesaw.


Bye for now. Enjoy the rest of the day.heart

Good morning Years 1s,


It’s Mrs Jean- Baptisteheart here again with a Jolly BIG Happy Thursday, hope you and your family are keeping safe and well. Why not start the day with Joe Wick’s energising work out to get your body and mind ready for today’s learning.  


Once your feeling energised why not use it to sound out today’s words in Phonics but remember to spot the special friends- digraphs and trigraphs as well as split digraphs it will make it all easier when reading words.


Jabuti the Tortoise is an amazing story I know you’ll agree. How many times have you read and retold it to your family members? I bet you included a clear beginning, middle, end and lots of detail. Did you know your retelling is what helped you to create an amazing story map. In Writing today, you will use your story map to help you write the story Jabuti the Tortoise, but don’t forget to use your writing tools and include descriptive language to make it interesting and captivate the reader.


It’s great to see that you are keeping up with your daily reading. I know you’re still in the race of becoming a Reading Champion because all the teachers have received some well written detailed book reviews. We are all so very proud of you so keep up your efforts and hard work.


Bye for now, I’ll check on you later.  heart