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Thursday's Learning

Good Afternoon Year 1, 

It's Ms Jawaher again! .  

How was your day? Did you spend some time outside? We hope the learning wasn't too tricky today, I know you’re all working so hard!   


Now that you have completed your writing, make sure you go back to re-read and check if it makes sense. This is an important step we all should be taking to ensure our writing is clear for our readers. What are the key things you must look for and correct;  


Grammar-  full stop, exclamation mark, finger space, writing tenses(past, present or ,future), 

Handwriting- ascending and descending letters and correct letter sizes  


How was Maths today? Did you use a 100 grid to check your answers? We all know that when looking for one more, we are counting on to find the next number which would be bigger  and when finding one less, we are counting back that means the numbers are getting smaller. 


 Have a nice early night and a good rest, ready for tomorrow. 



Ms Jawaher  

Good morning Year 1,
Yes! Another day to learn! I really love the story of Jabuti and it amazes me what great talent he has like playing the flute. However,  we know that a real tortoise can’t play the flute. Therefore, building on our understanding of what animals can or can’t do, you are going to make some comparisons between Jabuti and a real tortoise. Remember to think about it’s appearance and personality when comparing the two. 
As always focus on your handwriting (ascenders and descenders) and ensure you reread your writing after to check your grammar and punctuation. 

What else is there to learn? Oh… Maths! Carrying on with out learning about numbers, today you are going to count one more or one less from a given number. Make sure to form your numbers correctly and to check back on your answers. You can always use a 100 grid to help you with your counting. 

It is always great to see you read your books, so keep sending us your book reviews on Seesaw so we can celebrate your learning every Friday at 3:30pm.
Remember to read at-least one book  everyday on Bug Club because Reading is the exercise for the brain.
I’ll leave you for now and please email us if you need help!
 Bye for now and have a good day!
Ms Jawaher