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Thursday's Learning

Hello again Year 1s,


I’m back how did you find the learning today? were you as excited as me to re-read the story Jabuti and be transported into the Amazon Jungle. I hope you took your time to admire the big colourful pictures and descriptive language in the book,  I’m quite sure you did and it helped you on your way to write a superb character description? Which we can’t wait to read.


What human features did you identify whilst looking at some cities in Brazil? which cities had the most and least human features? Did you notice another feature?


We’re always excited and look forward to know about your learning so remember to post it on Seesaw.


Well done, we're all so very proud of your dedication and efforts now it's time for you to relax and enjoy the rest of the day. See you again soon.  











Hello again Year 1s,

Missed you all smileyso a BIG Welcome Back! to the first week of our new term, hope you are all rested and raring to go. Our new topic Rio De Vida looks very exciting, every time I close my eyes and imagine Rio I can see busy bright vibrant colours, I can hear flowing musical sounds from steel pans and drums along with excited people singing and dancing everywhere, close your eyes what do you see?

Our new book Jabuti opens up in the colourful

Brazilian rainforest - the Amazon, don’t you just love this book, it’s amazing how the illustrator used big colourful pictures and language to captivate the reader, I just couldn’t put it down. To me the character Jabuti seems to be very mischievous what do you think? Are there any other mischievous characters in the story?


Today’s writing task is to write a character description, who are you going to write about? are you going to include detail and adjectives when describing the character? it would make it much more interesting to read if you do. Oh and don’t forget to include those ever so important writing tools when writing.


For Geography you remain in vibrant Brazil to identify some of its human features, whilst looking see if you can spot any other feature.

Your partitioning skills in Maths has been great so far so keep it up. Today you move on to apply these skills to compare numbers. Do you remember the name of the mathematical symbol used when comparing numbers? I'll leave you for now. 

Happy learning!  l’ll check in again later on.
Mrs Jean-Baptiste