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Thursday 9th July

Good afternoon Year 3! 😉


I hope you have had a great day and enjoyed today’s learning and activities.


How did you get on with your poem writing? What poetry features have you included in your poems? Do you feel confident enough to perform your poem tomorrow? I can’t wait to read your fabulous poems and hear or see your performance poetry.


Hope you all enjoyed learning about Mount Vesuvius and had fun drawing your erupting volcano. Did you know that Mount Vesuvius is actually a volcano within another volcano called Mount Somma? How interesting this is!


How many of you have already shared your fantastic learning with your teachers? I hope you all remembered to self-mark your answers before uploading it on Seesaw.


Remember to continue your learning by logging on to: My Maths, TTRockStars and Bug Club.


Well done for completing another day of home learning. Now it’s time to relax and have fun!

Have a lovely, restful and fun evening. Take care everyone!


Mrs Stanciu ( VIOLET Class) 😊



Good morning children! 😊


I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Well done to all of you who are keeping up with the hard work and regularly sharing your fantastic home learning with your teachers. You are all doing a brilliant job and we are very proud of you!


I hope you have had a good week of learning so far and you are all ready for another challenging and engaging day of home learning.


Today’s home learning looks like this:


First is PE, another exciting ‘Peace Out Guided Relaxation‘ session, your place and time to feel cosmically calm. ‘Rainbow Waterfall’ session for today. Enjoy your minutes of magic!!!😊


In Writing you are going to write your own poem in any style about a subject of your choice. You may choose to write a Limerick, Kenning, Acrostic, Haiku or any other poetry style of your choice. Remember to share your poems with your teachers on Seesaw.


In Maths today, you will be completing Lesson 4 – Measure Capacity. Remember to self-mark your answers before uploading it on Seesaw.


In SPaG, you are going to correct sentences using the determiners ‘a’ and ‘an’.


For Reading today, you will need to complete two fun and interesting comprehension activities. Activity card 1-’All about Africa’ and Activity card 2- ‘A Helicopter Tour of London’. Good luck!


And my favourite …ART today… 😊 Firstly, you will be learning about one of the most dangerous volcanoes which is also the only active volcano on mainland Europe, Mount Vesuvius. Then, you will need to draw an erupting volcano. Have fun! 😊 Make sure you share your drawing with your teacher.


I will be back in the afternoon.

Have a lovely day everyone ! 😊    


 From Mrs Stanciu (VIOLET Class)