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Thursday 4th June

Good Afternoon Year 3,


We hope your learning went well and that you enjoyed your activities.

Once again, we thank you for your hard work this week. “Well done” to all of you for completing tasks successfully.


How did your explanation text writing go today?

Did you use your knowledge of fractions that we were looking at this term in school? If you are still unsure or would like some more practice remember that you can use the Mymaths website to consolidate your learning.


The answers are available so please mark your daily tasks before you upload on SEESAW for your teacher to have a look.


Other than that, find time to do some fun and creative activities.


Have a good day,

Mrs Ajmal (Vjollce)

Good morning Year 3!


Hope that you are all well and are keeping safe! How did yesterday’s learning go?

Let’s get ready to start of our day with P.E with Spiderverse!


Reading: Remember when reading today, it is a poem. To help you find the answers to the comprehension questions remember to use your brilliant scanning skills where you are looking for key words that will help you focus in on the correct evidence in the text you can use.


Maths: You will continue to learn fractions. If you are stuck with fractions, just remember that it is easier to identify them, if you draw them out. The denominator tells us how many parts our whole is split up into and the numerator tells us how many of those parts are shaded or how many parts we want. An example is, 3/7 would mean that my whole is split up into 7 parts but only 3 of those parts are shaded.


In Writing today, you are going to create your own explanation text about how water is transported through plants. First, watch the video below and the information slides so that you have lot of information about how water is transported through plants.


SPAG: You will continue to learn about subordinate clauses. Again, read through the lesson presentation information to remind you before starting the activity for today.


Finish your day with Music. You are going to practise singing along to the song. Feel free to include any family members who may want to sing with you.


Whatever you choose to do with your day, please have fun and keep smiling.


Have a fabulous day,

Mrs Ajmal (Vjollce)