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Thursday 26th March

Hello again Year 3!

I hope you had an enjoyable day of home learning and you have put the same effort in your learning as you would always do in school.


Well done to all of you for completing your lessons for today. Have you realised that you are being your own ‘teachers’? How exciting is this! 😊


The answers for the Reading comprehension are now available so go and check how you got on!

Hopefully, you have remembered to include all the features on the checklist when writing your diary entry. If not, don’t worry, you can go back and improve your writing like we would always do in class.

Can’t wait to read some amazing diary entries, please share it with us, SOLDIERS! 😊


For Maths answers, please check below:

  1.  rectangle 16 cm       6cm + 6cm +2 cm +2cm = 16 cm   or  6x2 = 12       2x2=4   12 + 4 = 16 cm

  hexagon  24 cm       4+4+4+4+4+4= 24 cm       or       4 x 6 = 24 cm

  square  12 cm            3cm +3cm +3cm +3cm = 12 cm     or    3x4 = 12 cm

You could have used repeated addition or multiplication to calculate the perimeter of each 2-D shape.

  1. Perimeter 1 = 20 cm   5 +5 +5 +5 = 20 cm    or    5 x 4 = 20 cm

Perimeter 2 = 40 mm =4cm    10mm+10mm+10mm+10 mm= 40mm   or 10x4 = 40mm = 4cm

Again,the 2 different ways = repeated addition or multiplication. Which way do you prefer? Why?

  1. Length of the missing side = 3cm

2 sides have the same length = 5 cm    5 cm + 5cm = 10 cm

Perimeter = 16 cm   16cm- 10 cm = 6 cm      6 cm ÷ 2= 3cm each small side

TIP: Remember to use the relationship between addition and multiplication when calculating perimeter.

How did you find the Maths Mastery challenge? The answers are also available now.


If you would like to share any learning with us or need support from your teachers , don’t hesitate to email Mr Hollingsworth and he will forward your message to your teachers.


Enjoy the rest of your day ! Stay safe and don’t forget to smile!😃

Mrs Stanciu ( VIOLET Class)

Good morning Year 3 amazing students!!!

I hope you and your families are safe and well. I know you have been working so hard this week and all year 3 teachers are very proud of each of you! You are doing a marvellous job!


Thank you to all the children who have shared their fantastic learning with us. A huge ‘WELL DONE’ to all of you. I have read some amazing PSHE work (Great job and beautiful presentation! Ibrahim from Purple class) and brilliant RE work (Well done to Muyassar from Eleyi Ti class)- again presentation is at a very high standard! Remember that you can find all these pieces of work in ‘Celebrating our learning ‘folder. Can’t wait to read many more!


Are you all ready for another day of fantastic home learning? Remember to follow the time table and complete all of the learning and tasks in your homework books.


Firstly, remember to take part in Joe’s Wicks live PE lesson because it’s very important to always stay fit and active even though you are indoors.


For Reading, you will need to complete part 2 inference questions. Scan the text and find the key words from the question to help you find the correct evidence in the text. Remember to explain your answer by referencing the text.


In Maths, you will learn how to calculate the perimeter of 2-D shapes. Remember to read the PowerPoint information before you start the worksheet.

Challenge: Do you need to measure the length of each side of a square to calculate the perimeter? Explain your answer to someone from your family.


For Writing, you will be using all the information you have researched yesterday to write a diary entry in role as a Roman soldier. Make sure your research is completed before you start this lesson so that you can write a good full recount of your day.

An example of a diary entry has been given to you, so that you understand the layout and the style of writing. Remember to use all the features on the checklist, including your feelings, thoughts and emotions throughout the day.


For SPAG, you will need to revise expanded noun phrases. Your task today is to improve sentences by expanding the noun phrases. If you select worksheet, you are also expected to add a relevant prepositional phrase to give the reader more detail.


Finally, for History today, your task is based on ‘How did the Romans change Britain?’.

You will have to compare the roads in Britain from before the Romans and after the Romans had built them. Think about any similarities and differences. Remember to write in full sentences and paragraphs. I wonder why the Romans wanted better roads? Can you think of possible reasons?


Please remember to carry out your learning by logging on to Bug Club, My Maths, TTRockstars and Purple Mash.


I’ll check on you in the afternoon to see how you have got on with your learning.

I hope you all have a lovely, relaxing and safe day!

From Mrs Stanciu (VIOLET Class)