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For writing today, we will be writing together (Shared
Writing) the introductory paragraph of the discussion text.
We will follow the plan and use the vocabulary selected for the introductory paragraph.
Use the plan you completed. Use the vocabulary. Ensure you are crossing out, highlighting or ticking off what is on the plan.

Area of a Parallelogram (Introduction)


contention- heated disagreement

toil - work extremely hard 

form -  the shape of something

consternation - anxiety at something unexpected

disunited - If a group of people are disunited, there is disagreement and division among them.

self-conscious - having knowledge of one's own existence, especially the knowledge of oneself as a conscious being.



Questions to Consider

What  reason did Shara give to say that humans were superior to animals?

What reasons did Cricket give against humans being superior to animals? (He made 4 different points!)

Why does Ga'avah believe that humans having the same form and appearance makes her superior?

What proof did Nightingale have that humans souls are disunited?

Why did Shabakah stand up and insist that humans praise the creator too?