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For Writing today, your teacher will be sharing with you writing targets that will enable you to write a high quality diary entry. Below are the features of a diary entry and Year 4 writing aims, where your targets may come from. Please ensure you understand the features of a diary entry and ask your teacher if you are unsure of anything. 


Structural Features 

  • Date 
  • Dear Diary,  
  • Introduction – When ? Who? What? Why? Where? (5Ws) 
  • Recall of events explained in chronological order 
  • Closing paragraph – express opinion / how you feel about events  


Language features 

  • To correctly use capital letters.?  ! , (for lists) ‘(omission and possession) 
  • Informal tone 
  • Present and past tense  
  • First (I, me, my, we, us) and second person (you) 
  • Pronouns to avoid repetition 
  • Topic vocabulary   
  • Descriptive language- adjective, adverbs, similes, 5 senses
  • Thoughts and feelings expressed 
  • Fronted adverbials (time, place and manner) punctuated correctly with a comma
  • Time conjunctions 
  • Detailed key events 
  • Use names , people, places


Website learning - Spelling

LO: To investigate suffixes (-ate, -en) .

In this lesson, we will be investigating the -ate and -en suffixes and set spelling words to learn. To access the learning, please use the following weblink: .