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Ms Blunden's Story time - Goodnight Mister Tom, Chapter 20

First read the chapter. You can either read the book independently or play the video and listen to the chapter, making sure you follow the text. Next complete the comprehension activites. After you have finished you can mark your work (check Friday's folder), then correct any mistakes you may have made.

Planning Task


Today you  will be writing in role as Mr Tom. At the end of Chapter 18, you will have read that Mr Tom decides to take William back to Little Weirwold against the advice of the experts.

Now, he is going to write a speech to present to the authorities to allow him to adopt William.


Ideas for paragraphs

Opening Statement: How have Mr Tom's feelings changed towards William? You should explain I ( Mr Tom) would like to adopt William...


Argument 1- How William's abusive mother isn't a good parent/role-model. She doesn't meet his basic needs e.g. food, water, shelter and neglects him. Mr Tom has demonstrated that he can provide all of these. ( Use of evidence from the text)


Argument 2 - How much William would like to stay in Little Weirwold with Mr Tom. Evidence could be that he feels safe; he has friends; he enjoys being outdoors and seeing animals; his is also enjoying life in  the countryside.


Argument 3 - Mr Tom should explain the difference he has made in William's life and how thius is showing through his actions.


Closing Statement- Should be a summary of Arguments 1 ,2 & 3.