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Today you will begin your writing. Your focus will be on the introduction of the speech- the opening statement. Here, you must draw your reader in using powerful language, rhetorical language, and repetition. A pdf PowerPoint has been uploaded to guide you on how to use repetition effectively. In addition, an example model of the first paragraph has been uploaded for you. 

Reading SATS style Questions- Answers published at the end of the day

Read Chapter 15 Goodnight Mr Tom



Today you will go through the powerpoint and make notes about different religious beliefs regarding charity.  When you have completed this task, explain  what your beliefs are regarding charity. What influences in your life  have helped you to arrive at this belief? e.g. parents, culture, religion. Have you or your family donated to a charity. Which one? Why did you  choose to donate to this particular Charity?

Research charities and choose one that you would like to donate to. Explain why. Upload your work onto seesaw.