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LO: To know and understand the structural and language features of Explanation Texts.     


SC: I can discuss the structural and language features of an explanation text.  


Today, we will be looking at the features needed to write an explanation text. Read the following powerpoint to help you learn all about explanation texts.


Task: Look at the example of an explanation text about frogs. Underline and label the features of an explanation text. You should underline the following:


1. Heading

2. Opening statement

3. Sentence Openers 

4. Any key facts about frogs



Today you will be dividing by your 4 times tables and 8 times tables. 


Can you think of any patterns between your 4 times tables and 8 times tables? Have a look at the powerpoint and then complete the worksheet. The answers to the worksheet are on the powerpoint. 



Read the text attached on Art and Nature.


Task: Answer the questions. There are three sets of questions. Please pick the set that you feel most comfortable with. 



Today, will continue to explore cave painting and using different art materials.


Have a look at the following piece of art: 

This is a picture of a famous cave painting called Cueva de las Manos. 


Recreate this piece of art using any art materials that you have at home. You should use your own hand as a stencil. 


If you do not have any art materials, you can use your writing pencil to shade. 


Watch the following video for more inspiration and to learn more about cave art: