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Read the text and answer the questions. 


LO To use proof reading skills to improve spelling and punctuation.

LO To use best handwriting to write a non-chronological report 

You will publish your non-chronological report today. Please ensure it is completed in neat, joined and clear handwriting. Once completed, upload onto Seesaw for your teachers to check. 

Quiet Reading


20mins- Bug Club

Darwinism (Evolution) Vs Creationism


Now that you understand both theories you are going to compare them ( Evolution and Creation). You will compare what each theory states about:


1) How the world began? Where does the evidence come from for each theory Evolution/creation e.g. science, religious texts, millions of people's beliefs, natural selection, paleontologist, fossils. Don't forget to include what you have learned in your science/reading and R.E. lessons.

2) How did life begin and evolve? 

Think about people, plants, animals, dinosaurs, creation What does Darwin say? What does religion say? Where can people find the evidence.


In your opinion, can the Theory of Evolution and religious beliefs about Creationism be reconciled? If so, how? If not, which theory is correct?  

Read the definitions below. Think about which theory you believe to be correct and why.


Computing Assessment

Complete the computing end of unit assessment below and mark it using the answers.