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Guided reading


Please log on to:

BUG CLUB ACTIVELEARN PRIMARY by clicking on the link below:


Read your available BUG CLUB BOOK and answer the comprehension questions.


Remember to use your reading skills:


  • Fred Talk unfamiliar words. E.g- f-r-o-g
  • Slide the syllables together. E.g fr og becomes frog.
  • Chunk new words before putting them together to read. E.g book-let becomes booklet
  • Refer to the illustrations (pictures) for clues
  • Use the Read to me function to listen to the pronunciation of difficult words.
  • Re-read words and sentences you’re unsure of to grasp the meaning.
  • Most of all, write down new vocabulary and search for their meaning in dictionaries.
  • Make sure you answer all the comprehension questions (quiz questions). This will help you to interpret the meaning of what you have read and also to practise your decoding skills.  



Whole class reading-reading and discussing text, speaking and listening.


Text of the week: Lima's Red Hot Chilli by David Mills and Derek Brazell


Learning Objective: To join in to read repeated words and sentences.


Success Criteria:

  • I can recall repeated phrases from the story. 

  • I can join in to read the repeated phrases. 

  • I can show understanding of what I read.  


Key vocabulary:  hard, cold, difficult, high, shiny, chilli, Lima, mouth, water, milk, 


Lima's Red Hot Chilli

Lima is really hungry. In the kitchen, there's plenty of food to choose from: a hairy coconut, some shiny samosas and a plateful of sticky sweets...but nothing...




During reading, Pause and encourage your child to join in to say what the family member says, that is: 

‘Her mother came to help. “Water, water, try some water!” ...’but her mouth was too hot’. 

Ask your child to point to the words as they read.



RWI Phonics 


Click the link below to join in with today's lesson .


Useful resources






Learning Objective :  To recognise landmarks (human and physical features) on a map of Barking


Success Criteria:

  • I can use a Google map.
  • I can recognise famous landmarks in the local area.



Children to name specific landmarks in the locality- I.e. library, townhall, bank, station, Abbey leisure centre.



library, townhall, bank, station, Abbey leisure centre, barking park, Barking creek


Follow the link below to look at Barking map.,0.0716691,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47d8a590b42c329b:0x20d6d63bbad734a3!8m2!3d51.536563!4d0.075766?hl=en-US




Have they used a google map before?

Have they seen their mummies and daddies/adults to use the google maps before?

Can they recognise any local landmarks on that map?