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LO: To write the middle of a narrative story.


SC:  I can use ideas read and discussed to share during the shared writing process.


I can use my imagination to think of some ideas.


I can share new ideas during the writing process.


Key Vocabulary:

bellowing low voice, rumbled, terribly, indescribable, monstrosity, think scaly skins, fangs, claws, horns, body, tail, tongue terribly fanged, terribly hairy 


Your task today is to write the beginning paragraph of the story. Don’t forget the story needs to be written in 3rd person.


Challenge: Can you include speech marks in your writing today?

To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task. Do you know of any methods you could use to help solve this problem? How is today's problem similar to yesterday's problem? What is the main difference? Which method do you think will be most efficient in solving today's problem. Which method works but might be the most tedious?


During Guided Practice, you are subtracting 1-, 2- and 3-digit numbers from a 3-digit number using a variety of methods.



LO: To can create a toy which uses a pneumatic system.


In this lesson you will continue to create their own pneumatic Iron Man toys using their design worksheet from previous lesson.


Introduction - recap:

Watch video to remind yourself of what you will create and how it moves/operates.


You will continue creating your Iron Man that you began creating during last lesson using a pneumatic system to make a part move.


Key Vocabulary:

pneumatic, mechanism, air, flow, circulate, input, output, around, rotate, push, expand, motion, pressure.