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LO: To be able to select suitable vocabulary to describe a character’s appearance. 


Think about how and why we use descriptive language in our writing.

We use similes to help build a better description of the space bat angel creature.   


Your task today is to write your own sentences. Use scenes from the book to help think of what to describe.  

To begin this lesson, you will start with the ‘In Focus’ task. How many ways can you solve this type of problem?


Then you will look at what happens when 10 tens are regrouped. What is it called? Remember, when no regrouping of ones is needed, we move on to add the tens.


How can you show the regrouping when using the column method? Think about what you learnt on your previous lesson; apply your knowledge from regrouping the ones.


During Guided Practice, you will be practising using the column method to add.

For today’s learning you will continue from last weeks task creating a toy which uses a pneumatic system. You will create your own pneumatic Iron Man toy using your design worksheet from last week.


Follow the link and watch the video to remind yourself of what you will create and how it moves/operates.