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For today's maths, you need to use your division skills to answer the questions below. If you need to, please watch the video on the Oak National Academy lesson before completing the activity. The Oak National Academy lesson will show you a video of a teacher demonstrating how to solve similar problems. Access it by clicking here.




Happy- step 1


You should have received your login details from your teacher. Don't worry if you haven't as these are the same as last year.


For today's lesson, login to YUMU and complete happy  Lesson 1.


Remember to focus on the Listen and Appraise section. It's really important that you focus on  the questions, while you are listening to the music. Note down any musical vocabulary that you have learned and the definition.


Then make your way through the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the activities as these will teach you about Pulse and Rhythm.


Finally, learn to sing and perform the song.


Reflect on your  learning. What did you already know about this song before the lesson? What have you learned today?