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Good Afternoon Year 4

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed the activities that you engaged in today, especially the Land Art Work as it is a topic that we don’t often do. Have any of you truly been inspired that you have decided to continue creating over the summer break? Who knows if your work is so glorious and outstanding it may end up in the local Barking and Dagenham Post. WOW! How fantastic would that be! Don’t forget to post images on Seesaw.

Below are a couple more videos that we thought you may like to view on Land Art. The first one is put together by Mrs Gehlot and her daughter. It shows how Land Art can be explored by any age group. Mrs Gehlot also finishes with 3 focus questions to consider about your Land Art design. The second is more examples of Andy Goldsworthy brilliant Land Art.

Focus Questions

How did you feel during the creation process?

What features found in nature were shown in your design?

What is the difference between how we value temporary art vs. something that lasts?

Andy Goldsworthy   Land Art and Environmental Art.

Have a Good Evening

Ms Dworniak and the Year 4 Team


Good morning Year 4 and welcome to another day in Virtual Art Week!                      

 Today is the last day to stun us with your amazing Land Art Project Work! Off course if you have been really inspired you could make a collection of land art project work over the Summer Holidays and I’m sure all teachers will eagerly display your wonderful creative designs on the bare display boards that will hang in the first week when you arrive back in September! We dare you! Go overboard with your designs and brighten up Barking parks and the town centre over the holidays!


In Reading to-day the text is about the Vikings. They loved to tell stories and recite poems. Lots of their stories are about the Norse gods. Today in comprehension it is a story about “Loki’s children.” In Literacy you are asked to make a mind map with ideas for the end of your story about the Highway man. 

Have a magnificent creative day!

Ms Dworniak and Year 4 team