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Good Afternoon Year 4

We hope your learning went well and that you had fun in your activities. How did the writing of the middle part of your narrative go today? What delicious dishes have you and an adult conjured up? Don’t forget to post images on Seesaw.

We drew your attention this morning, to the article about Chinese primary school children who have adopted giant wings as part of their school uniform during the Covid crisis. If you have time this evening, delve further into News First (22.6.20) and you too may be fascinated by a couple in Uganda who experimented with recycled plastic and made face masks from plastic bottles. The local hospital was so impressed and ordered a set for their staff along with most of the community. What an ingenious idea! Saving the planet and Saving lives all wrapped up in one little idea!

Ms Dworniak and the Year 4 Team

Good morning Year 4 and welcome to another terrific day of learning! 


In Reading to-day the text is about Butser Ancient Farm in Hampshire. It is a fascinating archaeological site where historians and archaeologists use to understand how ancient people cooked, made things and built houses.

Whilst on the topic of reading we would really like to draw your attention to News First (22.6.20 found on the Yr 4 home page).

On page 4 you will see an extraordinary photo of Chinese primary school children sitting at their desks with huge wings strapped to their back. These are now part of their ‘school uniform’ designed to keep them a safe distance from their peers during the Covid crisis. Take a look, you may be sufficiently inspired to design your own and with Ms Preston over to the idea!


In Literacy you will be writing the middle part of your narrative using the plan that you did yesterday. In DT you will be making a dish at home with an adult. Make sure you consider all the hygiene and safety guidelines explored earlier in the DT sessions. We look forward to seeing images of your food preparation, also the evaluation sheets and of course shots of the actual end dish that you and an adult have created.


Have a FUN DAY!

Ms Dworniak and Year 4 t

Dear Year 4, 

Please read and complete the Reading Comprehension sheet before independently then the answers will be posted later today so you will be able to mark and upload your work via the seesaw app.  

In today's DT session you will be making a dish at home. If you are in school at the moment, you will have to complete your meal preparation when you get home. This will be an exciting task to complete with an adult at home. There will be opportunities during this session for you to practise many cooking and measuring skills. You must consider all the hygiene and safety guidelines explored earlier in these DT sessions. Have fun and it would be loving to see images of your food preparation process.