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Good Afternoon Year 4

We hope your learning went well and that you enjoyed your activities. How did the planning go for your diary entry? Were you able to express your unreserved love for Bess? In DT once having completed your evaluation of your home-made instrument perhaps some of you have the opportunity to play it and send in a recording?

As it is Refugee week celebrations, Mr Berry thought that some of you may be interested in watching the following video made by KS2 students who answer lots of common questions surrounding refugees. 

Don’t forget to regularly visit TT Rockstars and Bug Club. Your teachers are monitoring this closely.  Ensure you are reading daily for at least 30 minutes and filling in your Reading Records.

Have a great evening and stay safe!                 

Ms Dworniak and the Year 4 Team



Good morning Year 4 and welcome to another creative day of learning! 

Today in Reading you will look at text from Fire-Girl by Matt Ralphs. This is a very interesting piece of writing about Hazel Hooper and her mother’s bad-tempered cat called Ginger Tom. Hazel and Ginger Tom are perpetually in a state of war. If you have a pet at home and have a similar relationship with them then you will find this text very amusing!

In writing you will be planning your diary entry. You will need to gather ideas to write a diary entry in first person as Tim the Ostler. Your chance to show how you really feel about the enchanting Bess and the Highwayman. Perhaps you will set a trap for the Highwayman and manage to steal Bess away from the Highwayman? We look forward to reading your diary entries!

In DT today you will get the opportunity to evaluate your home-made musical instrument. WHOOPS!! Are there a few of you out there who have not managed to make an instrument yet? Not to worry perhaps today you could make and evaluate some simple rattles/shakers using empty plastic containers/bottles and an assortment of dry beans, pasta, beads etc.

Have Fun!

Ms Dworniak and Year 4 team


DT- Making a musical instrument

Last week you made your musical instrument using recycled materials from around your home. This week you will test and evaluate. Please send upload a quick video showing how your musical instrument works then you will complete the evaluation sheets attached.