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Good Afternoon Everybody! 

Good afternoon lovely Year Five,


How are you all? Your brains must be filled with so much knowledge from today's learning! How were your reflections on reading? What have you done well and what will you change to be even better next time? Please do share your reflections with your teachers, so they know what to do to help you become even better readers! It is all about team work! 


Tommorow, the reader and mathematician  of the week will be uploaded onto the celebration page, I wonder who it will be from each class?! I am so excited to find out! If you want a chance to being awarded with the title, then chop chop and get onto Bug Club, My Maths and TT Rockstar's it isn't too late!!


In the meantime, stay safe and take care of yourselves. 

Miss Bhudia 


Joe Wicks is back for another week to motivate us for our love for PE. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel below to take part in his live PE lessons from 9-9.30am. Remember it is important to stay fit and active even though you are indoors.


This term, as part of your reading learning, you are required to use Bug Club everyday for 30 minutes and then spend the other 30 minutes of your reading session to complete another reading activity we will provide.


When using Bug Club, it is important you are answering the questions carefully, by referring to the text to find the correct evidence to support your answers. Your teachers will be monitoring your answers carefully, so ensure you are putting in the same effort that you would at school.


When answering reading comprehension and vocabulary questions, remember to be using taught techniques from school and annotate the questions and text, remembering to also refer to the text in your answers to support your points. A good tip is to read the questions first before you read the text, so you have a rough idea on where the clues for the questions and answer may be. 


It is important you are reading everyday to help you develop your reading skills as well as learn new vocabulary, which will make your spoken language and writing even better! These skills will help you later on in life and out of school, not just for your learning in school so please ensure you are reading regularly. 



Bug Club website link . 


LO: To know how to organise ideas around a theme.

Today you will write the third main paragraph. Ensure you begin with a subheading which tells the reader what the paragraph will be about, completely different from what you did yesterday. Begin with a topic sentence that details what the paragraph will be about. Include details about the topic, linking ideas with phrases and adverbials. Don’t forget to refer to the success criteria for guidance of what else you need to include. 


Please edit your writing when you have finished.



Please use the link above to access the daily Maths lessons on BBC Bitesize. When you click on the link, you will see various subjects, click Maths and follow the instructions on the screen. Home learning focus will be on there daily. Each lesson will include a variety of activities, worksheets and videos. Complete all your learning in your book and Seesaw the work you have been doing daily, after self-marking the activities (answers will be found under the relevant activities). 


Once you have finished your learning on BBC Bitesize, it is crucial you spend at least 20minutes on MyMaths or Times Table Rockstars (swapping between them each day), to ensure you are reviewing your learning and revising your maths skills making them stronger. Please let your teachers know on Seesaw if you are struggling to log on. 


My Maths website link .

Times Table Rockstars website link . 


Log on to Charanga, then go onto 'Assignments', after that 'Reflect, Rewind and Replay Year 5 Step 2.'

Do the following:

1. Click onto Dido and Aeneas by Purcell (Baroque). It’s important that you listen to the track and answer the questions on the screen. Think about how it makes you feel, is there any particular reason why it makes you feel this way (beats, pitch, etc)? It’s vital that you can feel a connection to the track and have some reflection whilst listening to it.

2. Rewind and Listen Out! Things Ain’t What They Used To Be by Ellington and Persons

3. Reflect - Composers and Composition (Rachel Portman)

4. A composition activity using the Music Explorer resource

● Rhythm Grid work

● The Language of Music

● Rewind and Replay (Revision) – revisit songs from the year.

Good Morning Everybody! 

Good morning lovely Year Five,


How are you all? I can't believe this rainy week we have been having during June! Although, it does feel refreshing! What have you all been up to? I have been busy in my kitchen following different recipes and cooking things I never used to have time to make before! It is so fun. Please feel to share any fun things you have been doing with your teachers on Seesaw.


As always, your learning for today is on this page. Please have a read and ensure you are trying your best in all activities. We really do admire and appreciate your efforts from both you and your families. Keep it up!


Please make sure you are actively using Bug Club, My Maths and TT Rockstar's to ensure you are not forgetting your amazing learning skills, but instead developing them even more! 


I will be back at 3.

In the meantime, stay safe and happy learning!


Miss Bhudia