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Good afternoon Year 4,


We hope that you have had a great day full of fantastic learning!

We are looking forward to reading your diary entries on seesaw and possibly some of your work will be placed on the Year 4 website. How did your calculations go on the topic of area? I am sure now you understand why in everyday living knowing how to find the area of a given space is so vital!

Don’t forget that once you have completed the work on the year group page, you can dip into My Maths, TTRockStars and Bug Club. If you have been accessing additional learning then well done and congratulations. This shows your teachers that you are dedicated to your learning, even during difficult circumstances.

Ensure you are also reading every day for 30 mins and completing your Reading Records (don’t forget to record any tricky word, look them up and start using them in your writing).

Brain breaks are essential for your well-being so please take them!

Here are some quick, simple, mindful games you and your family can get involved in, without much preparation time and hassle:

  • Touch: Put a bunch of mystery items in a paper bag and take turns feeling one object at a time and guess what it is as you describe the texture and shape.
  • Sight: Look around the room in silence for one minute, and point out all of the things you never noticed before.
  • Sound: Set a timer for one minute and count how many different sounds you can hear with your eyes closed, and then share what you heard with each other.

Have a lovely evening and stay safe.

Ms Dworniak and the Year 4 Team



Good morning Year 4 and welcome to another day of great day of learning! 


WOW! What an exciting topic to write a diary entry about today. You will pretend to be the little boy who shaped the sky with his cloud blowing skills. We can’t wait to see what shapes you will create and where the clouds may travel to in your diary entries! You can ‘run wild’ with your imagination but of course remember to use the correct features for this genre and mind-blowing vocabulary!


In Maths you will be looking at finding the area of a shape. Perhaps as an extension you can try calculating the area of some of the rooms in your house and or the area of your garden (if you are lucky enough to have one). Also explain why you need to find the area of these spaces in your house or garden.

Have a lovely day!


Ms Dworniak and Year 4 team

Reading Comprehension


You will need to log in to  your Yumi account in order to complete this task. 


a. Warm-up Games - Blackbird: Continue to work through the warm-up challenges.
b. Flexible Games (an optional extension activity) - Blackbird: Continue to progress through the
c. Vocal warm-ups and Learn to Sing the Song - Blackbird: Sing the song. (See Unit Overview.)
d. Play Your Instruments with the Song: Revisit your learning from the last step.
e. Improvise with the Song: Perhaps revisit your learning from the last step.
f. Compose with the Song: New Musical Activity for this step.
‚óŹ Performance - Blackbird: Perform and share what has taken place in today’s lesson. Sing the
song and perform your composition(s) within the song.