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Good Afternoon Everybody!

Hey hey hey! It is Miss Bhudia again laugh


How are you all after a busy and fun day of learning? I have now uploaded reading answers and a modelled writing example as promised. Maths answers are on the document you used to access the questions. 


What have you all been doing during your time at home? I have been learning how to cook new foods and also doing a jigsaw puzzle to keep me busy! Speaking of cooking...your new topic for next week's DT is going to be food technology. Hope you are all excited for it. 


Remember to also use learning websites the school has provided such as TT Rockstars, Bug Club, MyMaths and Purple Mash. You can also now use See Saw to upload your learning from work or to simply speak to your teachers. We do all miss you! 


As I like to upload puzzles on my messages, you can attempt the riddle below if you want to. 


In the meantime, have a relaxing day and stay safe,remembering to wash your hand for 20 seconds.


From Miss Bhudia 


Joe Wicks is back for another week to motivate us for our love for PE. Please subscribe to his YouTube channel below to take part in his live PE lessons from 9-9.30am. Remember it is important to stay fit and active even though you are indoors.


LO: To know how to organise ideas around a theme.

You will continue and finish your writing today. You will write your second paragraph of your main body and a conclusion.


Second main paragraph

Your second main paragraph will focus on another event that took place. This could be the relationship Joey and Albert make. How did Joey feel at first? How did Albert treat him? How did that effect the way Joey then felt about him? Again, what thoughts would have run through his mind, what are his thoughts about it now? Don’t just recount, include rhetorical questions, emotive language and Joey’s hopes. Ensure you link ideas with phrases and adverbials. Don’t forget to refer to the success criteria for guidance of what else you need to include.



Your conclusion will refer to your opening as well and including hopes for the future. Think carefully about what Joey would like for himself – we are imagining that at this point, Joey does not know he will be sent to war – this may be something he hopes will never happen. As you talk about possible wishes Joey may have for his present and future, think carefully about the correct tense choice. End your conclusion by conveying your well wishes and then sign off.


1) Log on to Charanga.

2) Click onto 'Listen and Appraise - I heard it through the grapevine'. It’s important that you listen to the track and answer the questions on the screen. Think about how it makes you feel, is there any particular reason why it makes you feel this way (beats, pitch, etc).

3) Then click on 'Appraise' and answer the relevant questions on the screen. It’s vital that you can feel a connection to the track and have some reflection whilst listening to it.

Good Morning Everybody!

Good morning Year 5 laugh,


How are you all? I do miss school and seeing you all! Happy Ramadan to those celebrating laugh.


For today's learning, you need to continue the excellent efforts you are all showing. You can even use See Saw to upload your work. You should have got information about this on Parent Mail. Please do let me know if you have any questions about today's learning. Answers for some of the subjects and a modelled example of writing, will be put on the page at the end of the day. If you have forgotten your music log in details, then please do contact Ms Iqbal (Music lead). 


In the meantime, happy learning!


Stay safe, wash your hands and see you at three!

Miss Bhudia