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Afternoon Message - Thursday 23rd April 2020


Good afternoon Year 6! Apologies for the late message. I have been having some technology issues today - I am sure many of you can relate! 

I am sure that by now you have a really high-quality diary entry which you can be proud of and which we can continue to improve further tomorrow. 

Hopefully you have completed your maths activities confidently this week, as the angles topic is something which we have already covered in school, so it should just be revision. Tomorrow, White Rose Maths Hub have a special maths challenge for you all, which is something to look forward to.

Tomorrow we will also begin looking at our new history and geography topic, in which we will be studying the Kingdom of Benin. Some of you and your families may already have some knowledge of this topic so it may be worth having a conversation about it tonight to give yourselves a head start!


I hope you have a lovely, restful evening! :)

Mr Berry

Morning Message - Thursday 23rd April 2020


Good morning Year 6! There is lots going on today to be excited about, including a really interesting RE lesson which Ms Iqbal has prepared for you this afternoon. It gives you the opportunity to think about different religious leaders and what qualities they must possess. However, many of the qualities you will be thinking about are definitely things which we can all apply to our everyday lives!

You should still be continuing your food diary which you started on Tuesday. Remember to keep it up to date as you go, rather than trying to fill it all in at the end of the day; you will probably forget something!

You will also be editing and improving your writing this morning, which is a great opportunity to up-level your diary entries and make them really engaging and emotive.

I hope you have a great day! :)


Mr Berry

Daily Timetable/Activities



Read for at least 20 minutes. This could be your school reading book, a home book, Bug Club or another text you enjoy. Identify any new and unknown vocabulary and find the definitions.



Complete the daily Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) PE lesson.

Visit his YouTube channel here: 



Visit the White Rose Maths website here:

Please complete Lesson Four (Angles in a Triangle - Missing Angles). You can watch the video first to help you, then complete the worksheet and mark it. If you are finding it difficult, re-watch the video or look for other online tutorials (Khan Academy and Mathantics are good places to start).



By now you should have completed your diary entry. Your task today is to proof-read, edit and improve your writing. Firstly, proof-read by reading through your work carefully, checking and correcting any mistakes. This could involve punctuation, spelling and grammatical issues. Afterwards, you can edit and improve your writing, using the success criteria and TAF below to ensure that your writing is high quality.


Practise your weekly spellings. Copy them into your home learning book and write their definitions.


Complete the SPaG activity below. There is a Powerpoint which you can work through to show you how to answer the questions. You can then work on the varied fluency questions. Select either 'Developing', 'Expected' or 'Greater Depth' depending on how confident you are with the topic. You can then mark your work and move onto the application and reasoning sheet.


Your task is to consider which qualities are important to religious leaders and explore the qualities that religious leaders possess. Check the activity sheet below and complete the task in your home learning book.