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Thursday 18th June

Shayden from Purple Class

Good afternoon Year 3!


I hope you all had a fabulous day and enjoyed the Duchess’ special live assembly.

Your mental and emotional wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. I know we are going through some challenging time and everything is so different and it’s okay to sometimes feel worried or upset…but please remember, it’s extremely important to talk to someone about your emotions and feelings. This really makes you feel better, safer and calmer. You may want to talk to someone from your family or even share your worries with your teacher. We are all here for you!!!


Have you already shared your fantastic learning with your teachers? I hope you enjoyed learning about Vincent Van Gogh and sketching your own ‘Sunflowers’ from memory. This was such fun! How many of you have cheated? Be honest…I know I have cheeky.


Remember to continue your learning by logging on to: My Maths, TTRockStars and Bug Club.

If you go outdoors please stay safe, make sure you always follow the guidelines on social distancing and washing your hands to protect yourselves and the others.


Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Stanciu ( VIOLET Class)

Good morning children! 😊


I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Well done to all of you who are keeping up with the hard work and regularly sharing your fantastic home learning with your teachers.


I hope you have had a good week of learning so far and you are all ready for another challenging and engaging day of home learning.


Today is a very special day, you are all invited to take part in an online live assembly at 11 o’clock this morning, with Duchess of Cambridge. Yes, DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE!!How exciting this is!!! 😊 She will speak to all children about the importance of your mental wellbeing during these difficult times. To join in this special assembly at 11:00, go to the SCHOOL ASSEMBLY LIVE page from today and click on the live assembly link from there.


Today’s home learning looks like this:

First thing is PE, a very exciting Yoga exercise for you all! Smile and learn. 😊


In Writing you are going to finish off your explanation text and then over the next two days you will be using the checklist provided to edit and improve your writing.


In Maths today, you will be solving word problems involving fraction. Remember to self-mark your answers before uploading it on Seesaw.


In SPaG lesson, you are going to continue to learn about present perfect and simple past tenses.


For Reading today, you will need to complete two fun comprehension activities. Activity card 1-How to play ‘Go Fish’ and Activity card 2-The History of Yoyo. Good luck!


And my favourite …ART today… 😊 Firstly, you will be learning about one of my favourite artists, Vincent Van Gogh. Then, you will take a closer look at one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, called ‘Sunflowers’. You will need to complete the ‘Art appreciation’ questions and also…here comes the funniest part… draw your own sketch of ‘Sunflowers’ using your memory only!!!Please don’t cheat! 😊 Make sure you share your sketch with your teacher, I know they will love to see them all.


I will be back in the afternoon.


Have a great day! 😊    

From Mrs Stanciu (VIOLET Class)