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Thursday 11th June

Muyassar from Eleyi Ti

Good afternoon year 3 smiley


I hope you have all had a great day of home learning!


I hope you all enjoyed learning yoga through Pokemon!


I also hope you had time to get some research in for Writing about the life cycle of a plant. If you need more time, do not worry, you will have more time to carry out some research during your Writing lesson tomorrow.


Maths had some very tricky questions today so well done for having a go at comparing the fractions. Remember to let your teacher know if you are finding anything tricky still. Tomorrow is your Friday Maths challenge so you can put your fraction knowledge to the test!


I am looking forward to seeing what you have learnt about longitude and latitude. I wonder if anybody knew what longitude and latitude meant before the Geography lesson today?


I will be continuing to share your posters and placards from yesterdays PSHE lesson on 'Black Lives Matter'. Whose poster or placard will I be putting up tomorrow? Only way to find out is to make sure you get on to tomorrows home learning page! 


Have a lovely evening all and we will all see you tomorrow! smiley

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)

Good morning year 3!


I hope you all had a good sleep and are ready for a day of learning from home!

Thank you to Muyassar from Eleyi Ti today who shared her poster from PSHE yesterday  with her teacher on Seesaw. Make sure to keep sending yours in as we will be sharing one each morning with you all.


Start your day with Pokemon yoga before moving on to researching for your last explanation text. 

You are moving on to comparing fractions today which is very tricky so make sure you do let your teacher know if you are finding anything difficult.

You will be learning about pronouns in SPaG and a comprehension about India in Reading before carrying on with your map reading skills in Geography where you will be learning about latitude and longitude.


Have a great day and I will see you again at 3 'o' clock today! smiley

Mr Hollingsworth (Purple class)