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The world around us

Spring Term 

Topic of Patterns 


There are infinite patterns in nature – on leaves, rocks, wood and animals. Children can both learn about pattern and texture (elements of art) but also about their local environment by exploring organic patterns outside in the world. Rubbing is a simple technique where paper is placed on an object with a prominent pattern (eg. A coin, tree bark, leaf, grass) and a crayon or soft pencil is ‘rubbed’ over the paper, creating a pattern.


Take the children on a nature walk in a local park, forest or large garden area and encourage them to explore the textures and patterns at play in nature by doing rubbings of textures/patterns they see around them for eg. Tree bark, leaves, grass


Encourage them to also draw  and take photos and collect small samples of  pattern and textures in nature, for eg. Leaves, moss, small stones etc


Later on, children can create a large collage of the forest/garden/park using the rubbings they made, as well as drawings and samples they collected.

Encourage children to make their own ‘landscapes of pattern’ on a cardboard base by sticking on objects with patterns, both organic and manmade from around the classroom or garden or at home



              Jungle animals 


We are learning all about jungle animals,. We are going to think about their habitat. this means where they live and why?

Follow the lessons to find out. 

   Keeping healthy 

In nursery we need lots of energy to get through all the fun learning we do in the day but to give us that energy we need to have a good healthy breakfast. Why not show us what you have for your breakfast ? You can take a photo and share or you can draw us your favourite breakfast food and why it is your favourite ? Remember have fun and enjoy.

Sink or Float with Blippi | Cool Science Experiment for Kids | Educational Videos For Kids

Gather items with Blippi and play Sink of Float. The Blippi Sink of Float game is a fun science experiment for kids that Blippi explains density and buoyancy...

 What can you find at home that floats or sinks?

what are they - can you draw them .


Autumn Half Term 2

This half term our topic is bags and boxes Through this we will we will be exploring and  learning about different celebrations and other religions .

We will be looking at the following 

* Birthdays - children's own and the Sikh Guru Nanak Dev Ji 

* Bonfire Night 

* Hindu festival of Diwali 

* Remembrance day

* Children in need 

* Christmas 

Jeff the scientist with Ms Isirgan

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Hello Nursery :)

Today you can try this activity at home :)
It is a science experiment I would like you to make some ice with me 🧊

When the ice comes out of the freezer I would like you to draw or write me different ways you think we can melt the ice and collect our items from inside .

Please ask your mummies and daddies to help you if you are going to use any tools such as toy hammers etc.

I cannot wait to see what you guys have come up with :)

See you soon

Child Road Safety - Hedgehogs

TV ad of Hedgehogs crossing the road - from

Today marks the third day of Road Safety Week and the theme of this year’s campaign is GO20, which is quite simply urging drivers to travel more slowly around schools and built-up areas. A survey by Brake, a road safety charity, found that 70% of children questioned said that the reason they did not walk and cycle more in their local area was because the roads were too dangerous. This campaign aims to highlight the benefits of driving more slowly, which include fewer accidents, less pollution and safer communities, and to try and convince local authorities to implement more 20 zones

Road  Safety Week 

Please can ask that you are extra vigilant  whist crossing the roads

as the roads and pavements are a very busy time during drop off and pick up times 


Talk to your child about crossing safely and holding a adults hand as they do so. 


Exploring the environment

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Come and take a walk with Isiragn in the woods. What can you see?
You can talk a Autumn walk in the local park,. What is happening to the leaves on the trees ? what animals can you see?