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The Learning Mentors

Meet our wonderful team of Learning Mentors - There to help the children.

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At Gascoigne our Learning Mentors provide support and guidance to children to help them overcome social, emotional and behavioural problems which act as a barrier to learning.


The barriers to learning can be wide ranging and often very personal to the individual pupil. These problems can manifest themselves in challenging behaviour, being unable to control strong  feelings, bullying or disengagement from learning and participation.


Our Learning Mentors help to identify and target pupils at risk of disaffection and help them to identify and address what is getting in the way of their learning. Through mentoring, one to one, small groups, such as friendship and anger mangement, individual interventions are carefully planned for each child to improve their social skills. Children who find learning difficult are supported within the classroom to enable them to overcome their barrier to learning, therefore strategies are given to each child to allow them to manage difficulties which helps to build up their confidence. All children follow an agreed timed framework action plan based on the children's strengths and needs.  



Our Learning Mentors are:


Gascoigne Road Site:      Miss Walters


Shaftesburys Site:  Miss Carroll


 noCatch me being goodno 


We always aim to teach our children to do the right thing at all times. Playtimes and Lunchtimes are less structured, therefore we encourage our children to focus on their behaviour and 'catch them being good' during these unstructured times - this shows that they are able to demonstrate integrity. Once a child has been caught doing the right thing, a photo is taken, placed on a slideshow and this is celebrated during our Stay on Green assembly each week, the children know nothing about whether they have been chosen - we surprise them!


Each child who has been caught being good, receives a coin, the coin is placed in a jar in their class. The class with the most coins over a period of time will earn a reward.  Please click on the slideshows and see the children's achievements of how they were 'caught being good'. 


Don't forget to check out at the end of the slideshows for the winners' trips. A class from each keystage was treated for collecting the most coins at the end of the summer term 2017.

Key Stage 1

Keystage One Catch Me Being Good winner's trip to the Abbey Green and The Idol. The winning class was in Reception, Yellow Class. They were treated to a picnic and games on the Abbey Green and a trip to the Idol soft play in Barking. Well Done Yellow Class!

Key Stage 2

Keystage Two Catch Me Being Good winner's trip to The Moby Adventure Golf. The winners were Vjollce Class from Year 3. They were treated to a trip to the Moby Adventure Golf at the Golf Kingdom in Chadwell Heath. Take a look at the exciting trip in the slide show below.

Well-being Programme

The Learning Mentors at Gascoigne Primary school provide a well-being programme for children in our school. We are focusing on peer massage. Peer massage is a relaxation skill that can be learnt and we believe that every child attending our school should experience positive touch every day. The purpose of this programme is to help children to improve their concentration skills, to co-operate in class, to reduce inappropriate behaviour, have empathy skills and respect their peers. The programme also helps the children to gain confidence and build their self-esteem, this also helps to improve children's communication with each other.


Peer massage will take place every afternoon after lunchtime. The reason we chose this time is because lunchtimes are unstructured therefore children find it more difficult to calm down and focus after this time. Children ask each other for permission to massage their peers, they listen to calm music and are fully clothed. The massage routine starts on their back then arms, head and finish with their backs. If there is time at the end of the session children lay down, close their eyes and relax. 


These are some of the responses that the children have quoted who are already on our weekly programme. Alaniss from year 6 said "massage makes me feel relaxed and calm" Zainab from year 3 said "massage makes me feel relaxed!" Melissa from year 3 said "Massage makes me feel elated!" Alvin from year 2 said "massage makes me feel calm and sleepy!" Laurelle from year 2 said "Massage makes me feel excellent!" Nabiah from year 4 said "Massage makes me feel refreshed!". Matas from year 2 said "Massage makes me feel so calm!" Raveen from year 5 said "Massage makes me feel joyful and peaceful!" London from year 2 said "Massage makes me feel relaxed!" Yunus from year 5 said "Massage makes me feel sleepy and focused!"


Massage has made a huge difference to these few children. We believe that each child will benefit from our well-being programme. Please enjoy our photo gallery.

Peer Massage and Relaxation