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Thank you NHS

Inspirational messages for the NHS and the rest of the world!

'I pray for good health for the world'-Anaya, Blue
'Thank you Doctors' by Fatima, Bulu
'We stand together' by Eshaal,Bulu
'Thank you hospital' by Ivayla, Blue
'There's hope for the future' by Ivayla, Blue
'NHS are stars, Well done NHS' by Jezreel, Buluug
'Well done NHS' by Anaya, Blue
'I hope everyone is kind' by Pranav, E Kalter
'Hope for all hospital workers' by Pranav, EKalter
'Stay Home' by Havish, Bulu
'I hope the virus goes away' by Logan, Buluug
'Thank you NHS' by Abdulazeez, Azul
'Rainbow of hope-Thank you NHS' by Prisha, Bulu
We 💓 Doctors and Nurses by Fatima, Bulu
Thank You all the key workers by Nusaibah, Bulu
Thank You NHS by Rayan, Bulu
Lots of different key workers by Pranav, E Kalter
I love you NHS by Aryav, E Kalter
Thank you Key Workers by Haniya, E Kalter
 NHS, Key Workers and my Parents by Josh, E Kalter