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Stories to read at home

I Want My Hat Back (2013) Movie

I Want my Hat Back by Jon Klassen- animated version. The bear has lost his hat. He asks the other animals if they have seen his hat. He helps them. Then...

I Love My Mummy | Books for Toddlers Read Aloud

I Love My Mummy By Giles Andreae with Illustrations by Emma Dodd (Published By Orchard Books). A charming and loving children's story about wonderful mums. ...

Old Hat New Hat | Berenstain Bears | Children's Books Read Aloud

The Berenstain Bears is a true children's book classic! This read aloud, and animated version of Old Hat New Hat is so fun for kids!The Berenstain Bears kid'...

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt

http://www.jointhebearhunt.comFor a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through the award-winning favourite picture...

Rumble in the Jungle - educational audiobook (read-aloud) children's story. Colourful illustrations.

There's a rumble in the jungle, there's a whisper in the trees, the animals are waking up and rustling the leaves... Learn about jungle animals!Music: Balloo...

Read Aloud: Pattern Fish

Karlyn from Room 22 reads "Pattern Fish" by Trudy Harris.

This term our topic is patterns.
This is a fantastic story about different sea creatures with repeating pattern.
Can you create a repeating pattern?
you can use shapes? buttons, beads or even your lego pieces.
Can you make repeating movements with your body?
Show us your repeating patterns on the seesaw app.

Dear Zoo

Dear zoo.
We will be learning about different animals this term.
What other animals live in the Zoo?
have you been to a Zoo? what did you see?

Stick Man - by Julia Donaldson. Children's audiobook (read-aloud, with colourful illustrations).

The world is a dangerous place for Stick Man. Will he ever find his way home? Music: Tiny PeopleMusician: Alexei De BronheURL:

The First Christmas -Read Along With Me

The First Christmas - Published By Miles Kelly. This book tells the Nativity story in a way which is simple and clear .

Father Christmas Needs a Wee

Listen to this funny story about Father Christmas's journey to deliver presents . What things does he leave behind?
After listening to the story, can the children remember the order of items on his journey?
what happens at the end of the story?
what is your favourite part of the story? Why?
What would you like to get for Christmas? Can you make a list?
1 dinosaur, 2 teddy bears.. etc. Go to the writing at home section on the nursery page for more ideas .

Story time

Still image for this video
I would to share one of my favourite stories and the story is called " We're going on a bear hunt" :) Would you be able to tell / show me one of your favourite story books and why ? Or you can re tell / make up your very own story - I wonder how you will start your story ?

MY CAT LIKES TO HIDE IN BOXES - Eve Sutton & Lynley Dodd / read aloud / English book for kids 노부영

Our story this week is ‘My cat likes to hides in boxes’. The nursery children will be recapping and identifying the titles, front cover and back cover of a story book.
This week as a group child will be introduced to look at the illustrations and prints in books to see what they can see in the illustrations using either simple or complex sentences to describe and extend their vocabulary on what they can see.

Reading EYFS Book: 'SO MUCH' -

EYFS teachers have read this book for student learning, the book is called: 'So Much'
who came first? who came next?
Can you say the order of the victors?

This story celebrates the warmth of Afro-Caribbean family life. It is multi-cultural story all about a mum and baby are home alone when – DING DONG! – Auntie and then Uncle and Nannie and Gran-Gran and the cousins come to visit. And they all want to hug and kiss and squeeze and eat the baby right up – because everybody loves the baby SO MUCH! The story lends to a characteristic warmth and humour to a most exuberant family party, the story book includes rhythmic, cumulative story captures the joy of being the baby in a large extended family – a baby who knows that he is absolutely, utterly adored.

Diwali is celebrated as a five-day New Year festival; it symbolises the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness and new beginnings. Houses are lit by Divas – small clay pots containing a little oil and a wick (a tea light can replace the oil) – and rangoli patterns are made outside front doors, together with footprints  to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of good fortune and wealth, into every home.

Buildings and streets are decorated with lights, and there are firework displays. Homes are cleaned, new clothes worn and cards and gifts, such as sweets (mithai) and dried fruit, are exchanged. One of the most famous legends associated with Diwali tells the story of how Prince Rama returned from exile with his wife, Sita, to his kingdom, after overcoming the 10-headed demon Rama  with the help of Hanuman, the monkey god, and his army of monkeys. People were so delighted that they lit the couple’s return with rows of lights.


Think about the following questions:

How does the story start

Who was in the story? 

Why did Rama and Sita leave ?

Who saved them ? 

how does the story end? 


Cuddle! by Beth Shoshan and Jacqueline East, read aloud by Story Time with Nana

Cuddle! by Beth Shoshan and Jacqueline EastRead aloud by Story Time with NanaIf you have a request for a book you would like read aloud, leave it in the comm...

  Personal, social and emotional Focus/ CL/L

 This story ‘Cuddle’ -focuses on looking at our feelings

What makes you happy? Why?

What makes you sad? Why?



Why not try some of these activities

Pass an object to each other taking it in turn to say your name. ( It helps when our grown ups are modelling looking and listening to us)

Play Simon Says -

Modelling my turn your turn – actions / sounds

Singing songs – children choosing favourites