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Star Room - EYFS Social Communication Room

Welcome to Star Room!


Star Room is an additional provision set up in the school to help meet the needs of our children with social communication difficulties. 

In Star Room, we strive to give our children positive experiences in a structured environment to enable them to get more out of their learning.  We use the Structured Teach approach which establishes routines that give our children a safe and predictable environment.

We always start the day with a Hello song and morning group time which is followed by lots of learning opportunities which is afforded by the many focused activities within the setting.  Our children are all Early Years, so while we are busy learning, we always make sure we are having fun too!! 



Meet the Team!


Andette Magnus - Room Lead

Erica Stephens - TLA

Ferhana Ali -TLA

Alecs Kasakova - TLA (maternity leave)



Our Learning


We always start our day with a hello song and a morning group session which the children really enjoy. 

The children have access to a variety of learning experiences throughout the day. 






The children spend time at a workstation where they follow a program tailored to their individual learning needs.  Workstation encourages focus, concentration and independence.  









During our outdoor exploration, we like to keep the focus on fun!!
We are proud to be part of a Rights Respecting School!!