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Shobuj - Miss Ahmed

Dear future Shobuj class,


I hope you all and your family are doing well! I am Miss Ahmed and I will be your class teacher next year. I am really looking forward to working with you and I am feeling optimistic about the year ahead of us. I hope you all also feel the same.


Next year, Year 4 will be located in the block by the Food Technology room, which is currently referred to as “Year 5 block”. Your classroom will be on the top floor. It will be ready for you for September so that you can take it as your own and treat all resources with respect.


Before then, please make sure you are up to date with all the year 3 work that was set on the school website. There will also be summer home learning set, please try your best to complete it; this will be very helpful for next year. It is vital that everyone practises multiplication facts up to 12x12 as well as the Year 3 and 4 spelling lists during the summer break to.


Also, it will be good to do some reflection on any targets you will like to set yourself for next year (maybe 3 targets). The targets can be learning and behaviour related e.g. By December 2020, I want to improve my handwriting by joining the letters correctly and making it look neater, I want to control my anger by writing down my feelings in my diary etc.


Most importantly, enjoy your summer holiday so that you are refreshed and re-energised for learning next year. Enjoy and cherish the company of those who mean the world to you! Enjoy the ice cream (and fruits of course) and trips to the park! Be ready for September – you will be in Year 4, one of the older years, so you will need to set a good example for the rest of the school. I think you all will do a great job! I have heard so many positive things about you from Mr Hollingsworth and it’s making me excited to work with you too!


See you all next year!

Stay well!

Miss Ahmed