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SEMH Outreach at Horizon 360

SEMH Outreach Service from September 2019

(Information for Referring Schools)


The aim of the SEMH Outreach Service is to provide advice and support to all Barking and Dagenham primary schools, so that all primary school staff have an enhanced awareness of SEMH and strategies that support children to make appropriate progress alongside their peers and thus enable them to remain in their local maintained school.


The London Borough of Barking and Dagenham's vision and expectations of the new SEMH Outreach Professional based at Gascoigne Primary School is outlined below.


Barking and Dagenham's current provision for supporting pupils with SEMH needs is:

  • SEND Banding levels A to B – Schools
  • SEND Banding levels C to D – Outreach Support /Dowry, (EPP/LA data or Inclusion Officer referral)
  • SEND Banding levels D to E – LA / Behaviour Recovery / EHC Assessment. (EPP referral)


Referrals for the Outreach Service will be made via Barking and Dagenham's Education Placement Panel (EPP). Outreach Support will be an option on the current EPP Request form. Outreach will be available for all  primary key stages: EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

The EPP Request Form must include parental consent and parents will need to know that their child will receive Outreach support. The SEMH Outreach Professional will work within a multi-disciplinary framework, with other professionals and families, in home and school settings.


Nature of Outreach Support

70% of the SEMH Outreach Professional's time will be spent in schools and the allocation of visits may be over a period of time e.g. 2/3 weeks before a Pupil Review visit.

Individual pupil(s): Detail of support, will be based on: assessment, provision, evaluation through observation, staff consultation, modelling and training. The SEMH Outreach Professional may link or signpost to other agencies.

Initial timing: 1 – 3 day visits.


School systems  

The SEMH Outreach Professional support may be through observation, consultation, modelling or training or a range of these.

Initial timing: 2 – 5 day visits before discussion with the Local Authority to extend the visits and after eight weeks, a discussion with the Local Authority and/or panel for extending support.


Local Authority Meetings and Networking

The SEMH Outreach Professional will attend:

  • fortnightly panel meetings; 
  • monthly support meetings with the Local Authority;
  • termly Behaviour Recovery ARP meetings; 
  • other meetings as required with Gascoigne and other agencies e.g. Star workers/BDSIP re. training.



The SEMH Outreach Professional will: provide reports which will not include confidential pupil information but will name the school, nature of support, time allocation etc.  These reports will be made available for the referring school and Local Authority.


The Local Authority will: provide a report which can name pupils, for discussion with Local Authority Inclusion Professionals. All confidential information will be retained by the Local Authority.


Further information will be available for school's on request. 



If you have a query regarding our Outreach Service, please complete the Contact Form and Miss Lewis (SEMH Outreach Support Professional) will respond to you.