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Hello year 2,

For your Science lesson today, you will be designing your own healthy plate, you can choose whether it is a breakfast plate, lunch pate or dinner plate. You will need draw a plate in your learning journal book and if you like a knife, fork, spoon and a cup for your drink.

Remember to think back to the food pyramid that you looked at in your previous science lesson. Can you remember? Let me remind you with a picture of the food pyramid or you can check back or google a picture of the food pyramid.


You must label all of your pictures and at the bottom in full sentences tell us why you have chosen the foods that are on your plate, what do they do for you, why they are healthy or unhealthy, the positives and negatives of these foods. For example, your work should be presented similar to Miss Connelly's. I' am going to draw a breakfast plate. On my plate I have chopped up an orange because oranges are a source of Vitamin C, which means it will help protect vital organs in my body, they are a fantastic source for maintaining healthy skin and bones and they also help with healing wounds, however too much can give us a bellyache! Who remembers reading the Captain Cook book? I do… I remember in the book it said because the pirates didn’t have access to Vitamin C it caused them to get Scurvy! I will also have a yogurt on my plate because yogurts have milk in them and that’s very good for my teeth. Check out my example below!



What might you have on your lunch or dinner plate? If you’re not sure think back to the healthy nutritious lunches that you get at school! Or what do you have for lunch and dinner at home? Yesterday for my dinner I had fish, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and broccoli, check out the photo below.


Make sure you send in your pictures of your plates so we can see what you have drawn. If you have cooked something healthy, then why not take a picture and send it to us!