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                       Wow!  Changing State 

Hello again Budding Scientist!  


Here’s another fun lesson which you will enjoy.  


Today in Science you will make a prediction, carry out tests make observations, record and talk about the results and finally conclude your results and what you found out.    


What is changing state?  

Changing states. We can change a solid into a liquid or gas by changing its temperature. This is known as changing its state. Water is a liquid at room temperature, but becomes a solid (called ice) if it is cooled down. Read the power point below to help you understand it all a bit more. 


Task 1 

For this task you will need a piece of chocolate. make some observations of the piece of chocolate -is it a solid, liquid or gas?  Next place the chocolate in the palm of your hand, predict what you think would happen if you closed the palm of your hand tightly for 1 minutes. What happened to the piece of chocolate when you opened up your hand?  You can either take a photo, draw a picture or write the results it’s your choice.  


Task 2 Place some water in a plastic cup, then place it in the freezer, what do you think will happen?  Do you think the water would would remain as a liquid?  After a couple of hours take the cup of water out of the freezer and carry out observations, what have you noticed?   


Task 3 Did you know your breath is a gas but you can't see it, now breath on a mirror what can you see? what has it changed to?


Concluding Budding Scientist  – What did you find out? Share what you have found out with other members of your family. 


 Well done!

  Great investigative skills