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                     Make a Carnival Bag     

Hello again Budding Scientist,       


How did you get on with the testing of different materials for your carnival handbag? What did you find out from the results? Explain to your adult which material you have chosen and the reasons why you have chosen it.  


In today’s lesson, you will use your results from last week’s Science lesson and your drawn design from the DT part of that lesson to help you make your carnival handbag.


I do hope your bag design matches the occasion. Which means it should be bright, colourful and shiny to match the other carnival pieces you have made.

                                 Now, are you ready for the best bit?


Your Task - with an adult member of your family collect all the things you will need to make your carnival bag, this will include the material, scissors, glue, stapler and decorations. The rest is down to your imagination and creative flair.  


                     Ready, Steady GET MAKING!

Don’t forget to post pictures of your amazing creations on Seesaw.

                                                Good Luck


Below is a design example you may wish to copy using your chosen material.