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Are You a Plant Eater? 


Are you a plant eater? If you have answered yes well done you are correct. Did you know the fruits, vegetables and seeds you have eaten this week all come from different parts of a plant, isn’t that just AMAZING that we get our food from plants.


In this lesson you will identify, name and group fruits, vegetables and seeds and learn which part of a plant they come from.


Budding Scientist first read and discuss the power point and video with your adult.


Task 1 Go on a hunt around your house look in the fruit bowl, fridge, freezer and cupboards, collect and name all the fruit, vegetables and grains you find.


Task 2 Group the foods based on which part of a plant they come from, e.g. the roots, stems, flowers, leaves and seeds.


Task 3 Show your knowledge and understanding. Draw a picture of a tree/plant, show a food which grows from each part.