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Last week for music, you completed ' Bringing us Together - Warm Up Games and Listen and Appraise'.


This week for music, you are going to, 'Learn to sing the song - Bringing Us Together'. You are going to practise singing along to the song. Feel free to include any family members who may want to sing with you 


If you do not know your username or password to get on to Yumu, first, check through Parent Mail and then if you still cannot allocate your log in details, please let your teacher know as soon as possible.


Here is a step by step guide of how to complete today's activity:


1. Go on to the website;


2. Click on the picture 'Songs For Ages 7-9'.


3. Click on the button on the left hand side of the page which says; 'Launch - Scheme Songs'.


4. You will then see a list on the right hand side of the screen with all the available activities for you to do:

  • Click on the button named, 'Learn to Sing the Song - Bringing Us Together'


5. You can practise each section of the song at a time or maybe you are already ready to sing the whole song!


6. Video or record yourself (and maybe even your family) singing a part or the whole song and send to us through Seesaw!


Happy Singing!