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Hello year 2!


For your science lesson this week, you will be designing your very own chair. Think back to our last lesson and other lessons, we have done in science. Which materials could we use, maybe a type of fabric such as wool for the seat? Maybe a metal frame chair, because it is a strong material. 


What would you make your chair out of, have a look at a chair in your house, what materials are used? What makes the chair sturdy, which means strong and solidly built?


You will need to draw a picture of what your chair will look like and label the chair, with the materials you have used to create it. Explain why you have chosen each particular material and what its purpose is.

Please make sure you draw your picture big enough for us to see the detail and you label with your neatest handwriting please. You may use colour or other materials to decorate your chair.

For example, the seating and back of my chair maybe covered in wool, because I know that it is a soft and warm material, which would make a very comfortable chair.

Think about what is strong and what is weak, if you were to sit on your chair, would it hold your weight? 

Consider what age you are also building for, maybe a chair for a toddler, a child, teenage or adult. 


Don't forget to send your work in to us via the Seesaw app!