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Hello year 2!


For your science lesson this week, you will be looking at natural and man-made materials. Who can remember what man-made is?

Man-made materials: Something that is made by humans.

Natural materials: A product that comes from a natural source from the earth, (plants, the ground).

Think about a building, our school Gascoigne primary. What materials do you think the builders would have had to use to build the school?

Here are some materials I think we needed to create our school, brick, glass, wood, plastic.

What could the builders have use brick for? The foundation of the school. The school would have been built from bricks and I think many other buildings as well! Why do you think the school is made at out of brick? Bricks are strong and solid which holds buildings together, they are also good because they help reduce noise, meaning they allow less noise to travel in as well as out.

Create a ven diagram and include all the materials that you think a building would need, where it applies for both and where you wouldn’t use it. With the title: Man made materials and natural materials.