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Super Hero Cape Testing


Hello Year 1 Scientist,

I hope your all enjoying the investigations. Are you ready for another? YESSS!  Right, in this third investigation mission you have a very important question to answer

Which material is best suited to make a super hero cape?  


You will need to get testing to find the answer to this question.

Testing Criteria

A good super hero cape is one which:

Does not soak up water

Is not bulky and heavy

It flows when you run

Easy to put on and take off

Scientist with your adult’s support your task mission is to now test out the materials below using the testing criteria above.

Your will need the following materials:

Wool - old wool jumper
Paper - newspaper
Plastic - bin bag
Tissue paper- kitchen roll
Cotton- old shirt or t-shirt




This task mission is IMPORTANT 

Good Luck! Scientist