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Hello Year 2,


In Science we have been looking at plants a lot and identifying the features and how they grow. We are still going to be looking at plants because there are so many interesting facts about them that we yet to uncover! However what we now need to investigate is animals, who here loves animals? I know I do! Today you will be looking at animals and plants in their habitats, including micro-habitats!


Does anyone know what a habitat is? A habitat is a place where a living thing lives, this could be a plant, animals and insects. So our habitat as humans is know as a... house/home. (well done if you said that!)

Does anyone know what a micro-habitat is? So we know what a habitat is now, so lets think of the word 'micro', this is referred to something that is small. So if we put those things altogether, a micro-habitat is also a where living things live, but a small home environment for also plants, insects and smaller animals.


Your learning objective for today:

LO: I can identify and name a variety of animals and plants in there habitats and micro-habitats.


In your home learning books you will need to write today's date and LO, with it underlined please.

You will then need to think of at least 5 different animals to research and find out about their habitat, for example;


1. Animal- Frog

    Habitat- Pond

    Pond- A frogs habitat is a pond, a frogs mother lays tiny eggs in the water and when the egg hatches a tadpole is born, which eventually grows into a frog. Frogs need lots of water to drink to survive, but this also keeps their skin nice and moist. Frogs can also be located in the rainforest because as we know it rains a lot. Frogs are able to find lots of insects to eat around the pond and there are also lots of plants that grow around the pond which also helps frogs camouflage. 


I will also add a video about habitats and micro-habitats that you can watch for some ideas. You may want to get a piece of paper and pencil to write down anything interesting that you could use, so listen carefully! Additionally, you could use the internet to help you find some examples. Please make sure you are using your best handwriting and be sure to send your work in to Miss Shermin.


Have fun and enjoy!





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