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Hello Year 2,


I hope you have all had a great morning? This afternoon for our DT lesson, which stands for design and technology, we will be looking at old fashioned bakeries. Over time there have been so many things that have changed, but one thing that has not changed is a bakery, there are still plenty all over the world. In case you are unsure, a bakery is where lots of delicious fresh breads and cakes are made. 


Your task today is to research some old fashioned bakeries and to look at the recipes that they used for baking bread, cakes and biscuits. There may be someone in your family that you could speak to that used to go to the bakery, for example your grandparents and discuss what treats they used to bake in the past or what they would buy from their bakery. You may still go to the bakery with your parents. I spoke to my grandma today and she said that she always used to go the bakery and buy my mum cakes, check out the bakery below that she used to go to, its called 'The Pantry'.

You will need to record what you find for example the baking treats that members of your family used to bake or maybe a tasty recipe that you have found online to bake, because for our next session we are going to ask you to bake something. You will need to research what ingredients you will need to use, for example flour, sugar and butter. Next I would like you to design a picture of your cake, with all the ingredients labelling which products you have, this way you will be ready for our the next session with clear instructions and pictures to help you.


If you click the PDF, you will be able to see what some old fashioned bakeries looked like.


Old fashioned bakeries