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Hello Year 1s,

I hope you all enjoyed the first investigation, now it’s time for another. In this second investigation you will identify different materials.  For this task first watch the powerpoint to learn about the different materials used to make objects.  

In the second part of this task get your parents to help as you search around your environment for different objects.  Once you have a collection of different objects you now must talk about what you have found out by answering the questions below:

  • What is the name of the object?
  • What material is the object made from?
  • Now use your sense to feel and describe the material which the object is made from.

Now you’re an SUPER expert, record some of what you have learnt. See the example below, start off by writing the title and  headings:


To identify different materials

Object Name        Material it is Made From       Description of Material  

teddy bear                                 fur                                         soft  



WELL DONE!   Now help sort the objects