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15. 01.21 

 Grouping  Animals  

LO:  To understand that we can group animals according to their features. 


 I can name some common animals. 

  I can describe some features of some  animals 

 I can sort animals into sets 


Purpose: To sort into  animals  into groups 


Vocabulary: sorting, grouping, features, legs, wings, fur, tail, underwater, air, amphibian, mammal, Reptile, bird, fish ,insect 

Starter : 

 Show  images of many different animals including birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and invertebrates 


Explain that we can group animals according to their features. Discuss how the animals provided might be grouped. 

Go through the power point of variation in animal group discussing the features   of animals in each  group

Allow children to explore sorting animals and discuss how they decided to sort e.g 4 legs, wings etc.  


Key Questions? 


Can you describe one group of animals that you know about?  

How is a mammal different to an amphibian? 

 How is a reptile different from an insect?