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Roxo Class- Ms Choudhury

Message from Ms Choudhury

Dear Roxo Class,


Welcome to your new class!


I am very excited that you are in my class this year. I hope you will be eager to learn. We are going to have lots of fun learning in Reading, Mathematics, Writing, Science and much more! The year ahead will be full of achieving your aims through learning as well as having some fun time. I know that you will do your homework and extra learning too which you can bring to school and show your peers! I also know that each of you have lots of different skills and you will work hard and always try your very best. I hope everyone will aim to reach for gold on our Stay On Green. I’m sure you can do it J


I cannot wait to meet you and to get to know you all. I am so looking forward to teaching you in our Year 3 class at the Gascoigne site. We are going to have a great year together. Come to school each day wearing a big smile, ready to learn!


Look after yourselves and keep safe. Have a lovely Summer and I’ll see you all in September.


Best wishes,

Mrs. Choudhury

Your new teacher