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Rouge Class Mrs Datta

Dear Rouge Class,

I hope you and your families are keeping safe!

I am so excited to officially welcome you to what I hope will be one of your very best and memorable year.  My name is Mrs Datta and we will be taking this wonderful journey through Year 2 together. I cannot wait to welcome you into our classroom and open the doors to new learning, growth and friendship.

Even though many of us haven’t met yet, I have spoken to your year one teacher Ms Satnarine about you and how wonderful you all are. I would like our classroom to be a place where you are friends with everyone, a classroom that is fun and can be silly but is also serious when we need to be.

Soon, we will start our summer holidays, I want you to relax and have fun but don’t forget to continue with your learning. Practise your reading, Maths and bit of writing. How about you write something about your summer holidays like a day in the park or your holidays you have been on or anything else you want to write about. When you come back in September, we can share your experiences.

Before I go, I want you to think about things you want to achieve in

year 2. I believe in you and soon you will have a whole classroom of friends who believe in you too.

I am looking forward to meeting you in September, stay safe and have a lovely holiday!

Mrs Datta

Rouge Class