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Reception 2020 - 2021

Welcome to Reception



Our aim is to ensure that all children have a wonderful start to their school journey. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where learning through play will be an integral part of the school day. 


Our children will have lots of opportunities to explore and learn from well planned creative activities and language rich environment. They will develop their social skills by playing with each other, learn about similarities and differences between themselves and others. They will take part in lots of cross curricular activities which will help them grow and develop their understanding of the world around them. 



A message from our amazing team in Reception




Yellow Class


                 Mr Vickery (Year Group Leader)                             Mrs Ahmed


Dear Yellow Class,

Me and Mrs Ahmed are looking forward to meeting you soon. You will get to meet all the new children in Yellow class and make lots of new friends. We will learn together both inside and outside, using amazing story books and topics that you’ll love.


Have a great summer holiday, we hope you and your family stay safe and healthy. We will see you in September.

Kind Regards

Mr Vickery and Mrs Ahmed



Ofeefee Class


                                 Miss Zaimoglu                                     Mrs Gurney


Hello Ofeefee class!

We’re your class teachers this year! We are so excited to have you in our class. We can not wait to learn, explore, play and most importantly grow together.

Stay safe and healthy.

Lots of love.



Jaalle ah Class


                                      Mrs Ali                                                       Mrs Kalyan


Hello everyone! My name is Mrs Ali and I will be your new teacher. I am so excited to meet you all very soon. Did you know our class name is 'Jaalle ah' and this means the colour yellow in Somali. Do any of you and your family speak Somali? If you do I would love to learn a few words from you in Somali. In Jaalle ah class we will be exploring and learning new exciting topics. We are going to enjoy laughing, playing, exploring, dancing and most important of all taking good care of each other. I hope you all have a fantastic summer break and I look forward to seeing you in September.




Everdhe Class


                                  Ms Queiros                                              Mrs Robinson

Hello E Verdhe Class!

We are very excited to have you in our class this year. We are going to have lots of fun learning  and making new friends. 

 We are looking forward to meet and welcome you into to our classroom.


Have a lovely summer and stay safe and see you in September.

Ms Queiros and Mrs Robinson  



Amarelo Class


                            Mrs Kataria                                                       Mrs Gardiner


Hello Amarelo Class! 


I hope you and your family have all been keeping safe and having lots of fun at the same time whilst being at home.

My name is Mrs Kataria and I will be your Teacher in Reception. Myself and Mrs Gardiner are super excited to meet you all in September! We have a very exciting year ahead of us and I am looking forward to teaching and watching you all grow.

I hope you have a lovely summer and see you all in September for lots of fun, learning and exciting opportunities.


Kind Regards 

Mrs Kataria


Holud Class


                             Mrs Slavik                                                    Mrs Hayer


Dear Future Holud Class,

We cannot wait to meet you in September! We hope you're as excited as we are to start a new journey together.

In Holud class, we love to be creative! We do lots of drawing, painting, cooking, making things, dressing up, role playing and singing & dancing. We also love to read stories, listen to each other and make new friends.


Hope you'll have a great summer! Stay safe & well and see you soon in September.

Mrs Slavik and Mrs Hayer