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Dear parents and carers,


Even though our Reception children are not at school at the moment, we do not want them to miss out on any learning! Our Reception Home Learning folders contains a range of fun, engaging and challenging activities that will help children to practise the skills they have been learning in school. The activities will support all 7 areas of learning in EYFS Curriculum. There are also lots of ideas about ways to stay active indoors. Please see the live streaming sessions below.

If your child or you have any questions about the home learning at all, please feel free to email Mrs Rahman (Year Group Leader) and she will get back to you as soon as she possibly can to support you.


Please check the school website regularly for updates.


Thank you for your hard work and continuous support in these uncertain times.


Stay Safe.


Reception Team


Celebrating Our Children's Work

Tanvi has been busy with learning and creating lots of different things. Have a look at some of her work. Well done,Tanvi.

reading and matching words with pictures
tracing and writing
lots of reading and writing
naming and colouring shapes
drawing and colouring
creating a character

Ishaan has been busy learning lots at home. Have a look at his wonderful work! keep up the good work, Ishaan. :-)

Tanvika has been super creative at home and created lots of different things. She has done some lovely writing too. Well done, Tanvika.

Look at Abeer's Literacy and maths work at home!

Abeer is reading on Bugclub
He is counting dinosaurs and writing the numbers
He is adding numbers
lovely coloring
Abeer is practicing his letters

Abdul Rehman has been working hard to learn lots of different things at home, have a look at these pictures.

One more one less
counting and adding
drawing patterns and shapes

Yusuf tried hard to follow the instruction and do his home learning this week! He has created an emotion wheel to talk about feelings with his family members. He has also been busy with making stick puppets and drawing pictures form the story of the Jack and the Beanstalk.

A rainbow to thank the NHS staff
A really lovely emotion wheel, Yusuf.
Yusuf's drawing and stick puppets

Yusuf went on a hunt to find different types of materials at home. He gathered them and described how each material looks and feels. Well done to Yusuf for carrying out such great experiment. :-)

Aymen has been busy reading and writing lots of words at home. Well done, Aymen.

Well done to Samadrita for working so hard at home and learning lots of different things. I hope your lovely plants grow really nice and tall.

Natasha has been learning lots at home, have a look at her fabulous work. Keep it up Natasha :-)

Abdul Rehman made a lovely card to wish everyone Ramadan Mubarak. Happy Ramadan to you and and your family too.

Asil has been reading and writing lots of words at home using his phonics sounds, Well done, Asil!

Look at Emma's wonderful Eater Hat! She has decorated it with lots of colorful things and it looks great. Well done Emma :-)

Liyana from E verdhe class made a puppet theatre using an old cornflakes box. Looks fantastic!!!

Duaa from Yelllow class has been busy drawing lovely pictures!

Abdul in Ofeefee class has been learning about shapes and numbers. Well done Abdul!

Hrijesh worked with his mum to make an amazing Easter hat and he drew a beautiful castle to live in. Great team work, Hrijesh!

Captain America's Easter Hat!
Hrijesh's beautiful castle

Rithvi's creative work in the Easter Holidays....well done, Rithvi!

Natasha has been busy with lots of home learning activities. Here are some of the fabulous work examples she wanted to share with us. Keep up the good work, Natasha.

Look what Liyana has been busy doing! :-)

Look at Ianis's wonderful work during the Easter holiday at home. Well done, Ianis!

Happy Easter from Abinav :-)

Liyana made a lovely card to wish Happy Easter Holiday to Miss Toncheva and Miss Robinson. It looks wonderful. You are very kind and creative, Liyana. :-)

Look what Hrijesh has been busy doing at home! He has also been staying active by doing regular yoga following Cosmic Kid Yoga on YouTube. Why don't you have a go?

Well done Hrijesh. Stay fit and healthy.

Asil has made some spring bugs at home by cutting and joining materials. See if you know the names of the bugs he has made. :-)

Sebastian made a loaf of bread just like the little red hen did in the story. He followed a recipe and baked it carefully. I hope it was delicious, Sebastian!

Yusuf has been helping a lot to keep his house tidy. Look at him working so hard in there to tidy it all up. Well done, Yusuf.

busy Yusuf tidying up his house.
Before and After Yusuf tidying up in his room.

Natasha joined things together and made an octopus! She has done some lovely drawing and writing. Keep it up, Natasha :-)

Jumaymah from Ofeefee class has been really creative and busy making things, also writing about them. Good job, Jumaymah.

We are very proud of you Liyana. You have been working really hard at home and learning lots of different skills!

Liyana's monster. I wonder where it lives.
Liyana followed a recipe to make a cake.
She is being super careful pouring the batter.
Look at Liyana's chocolate swirl cake!
Well done, Liyana! I hope it was really tasty.

Liyana created a lovely 'Thank You' poster for our NHS workers.

Emma from Everdhe class has sent us photos of her being super busy with many great activities at home. Have a look at these pictures. :-)

lovely writing, Emma. Well done!
Emma has been taking part in PE with Joe Wicks!
busy writing
Emma is making some delicious cupcakes!
super counting and adding Emma!

Ahmad wrote about his day at home. Remember to use your finger space when writing a sentence, Ahmad. Great sentences, well done. :-)

Aaliya from Yellow class wrote a letter to her grandparents. Well done Aaliya :-)

Ashar has been busy drawing and counting at home. Have a look at his great work.

Abinav has been working really hard at home with lots of different activities like reading, writing, drawing and many more. Well done, Abinav!

Sanjana has read her friend Samadrita's letter and she has written back to her. :-)

Sanjana's reply to Samadrita's letter.
Sanjana wrote a letter to her grandparents.
This bird shaped letter will fly to her friend.

Have a look at Samadrita's amazing work. She has written a letter to her friend Sanjana, I hope she receives a reply from Sanjana soon. :-)

Samadrita is helping her mum with cooking.
Lots of counting and adding, well done Samadrita!
Samadrita has written a  lovely letter to Sanjana.
Stay at Home poster

Yusuf from Ofeefee class wrote a lovely letter to his grandma, see if you can read it. :-)

Maria has been really busy at home writing, counting and reading on Bug club. Maria is from Amarelo class.

Maria is reading a book on Bug club.

Joel form Everdhe class has been using his phonics sounds to write lots of words. Well done, Joel.

Read this lovely message from Ahmad in Amarelo class. Lovely writing, Ahmad. Keep it up!

Look at Abeer's wonderful work at home. He is in Everdhe class. Well done Abeer, keep up the good work. :-)

Mother's Day Craft By Sanjana

Sanjana from Amarelo class has created a video on how to make A beautiful 🌷 Tulip bouquet with personal message. She put it on Youtube, check it out!

Sanjana from Amarelo class has been super creative and made a handbag out of her old t-shirt. Please have a look and why don't you try to make something amazing too!

Lovely writing and drawing, Sanjana. Well done!

Ali from Everdhe class has been working hard at home. Look at his wonderful maths work. Well done, Ali!

Liyana from Everdhe class has been busy at home drawing and writing about the virus. Look at her wonderful poem. Well done Liyana!

Stay At Home Poster
The virus!
Liyana's poem about corona virus

Contact details Reception Year group leader

If you would like to contact Mrs Rahman (the Reception year group leader), then please send a message via the link below

Inspire to achieve, persevere to succeed

Welcome to Reception 


We believe children in our Reception classes should learn how to be healthy, happy, communicative, sociable, curious, active, and ready and equipped for the next phase of life and learning. We work closely with parents and carers to support every child to achieve this. We believe Parent involvement is crucial: parent support and an active home learning environment make a huge difference to children.


We are always interested in feedback from parents, to help us know how well we are doing and how we need to improve. You can feed back to the Reception team by clicking on the contact form  button above.


Science Week 2020


Exploring our new climbing equipment

Amarelo and Holud class children celebrated World Book Week by carrying out a variety of fun reading activities throughout the week. The activities included making their favourite story character puppets, sharing stories with friends, inviting a mystery reader to read, sharing bedtime stories in pyjamas and many more....

Holud class visiting the school library

World Book Week 2020 in Reception

UNCRC13:Our children voted for a story to be read!
Spinderella read a story to us in the assembly.
Holud Class
Everdhe Class
Yellow Class
Jaalle ah Class
Ofeefee Class
Amarelo Class

Valentine's Day 2020- We gave a smile to our friends and told them how much we love them...

On Friday the 7th February Reception went to the Broadway theatre to watch 'What a Wonderful World'. It was an interactive play where children were invited on the stage, it was very exciting and they loved taking part in the show.

On the 5th February 2020 Amarelo class performed the story 'Whatever Next' in front of parents, carers and Nursery children. They were very confident in acting out and singing the space song using their amazing rockets that they have made at home. Everyone was super proud of their performance! Well done Amarelo class.

Our Reception children had a great story telling assembly on Friday! Mr Fox acted out one of our favourite stories Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson with such excitement and brilliant expression.


Our wonderful Christmas Carol Performance 2019 for parents and carers!

We enjoyed watching the story of The Hare And The Tortoise at the Studio 3 Arts

Meet the Reception Team 2019-2020!

Mrs Rahman (YGL) & Mrs Gurney- Amarelo Class
Mrs Toncheva & Mrs Robinson- Everdhe Class
Mrs Slavik & Mrs Hayer- Holud Class
Mrs Fraikue &  Mrs Gardiner- Jaalle ah Class
Miss Queiros & Mrs Kalyan- Ofeefee Class
Mr Vickery & Mrs Ahmed


Can we grow some fruit to eat miss?” Said Dezel. 

“Yes can we grow some Strawberries they are sweet and juicy.” Leonna

What a great idea the children in Holud class have had. 

“Miss can we grow some potatoes then we can cook with them.” Siloam

”Miss water the plants” Eesa

”We have to make sure they have lots of sunshine and water so they can grow really big.” Fatima


The children have worked hard all year caring for their plants. Making sure they water them everyday and ensuring they remove any weeds from around them. Look their hard work and team efforts have paid off. We have so many beautiful strawberries and potatoes.




In Holud class we have been so fascinated with mini beasts that we decided to hatch our own Butterflies from chrysalis. (“It’s not a cocoon, moths are in cocoons we want butterflies.” Larisa) we were lucky enough to have two very rare Scarce Swallowtail Butterflies. We cared for them bringing them flowers and fruit every day then when it was time we released them into our garden to enjoy our beautiful plants. We also found pupa containing ladybugs. Again we cared for them once they had hatched out. We enjoyed seeing their bodies change colour each day until they were ready to be released into the garden. 

Reception Teachers Sports Day Race

Still image for this video
All the teachers from reception wanted to take part in their own sports day race....... I wonder who will win????

Holud class have been practising for sports day since September. Learning new skills like.....

  • Long jump
  • Throwing the beanbag over arm and under arm
  • Football skills
  • Balancing the beanbag on the racket
  • Running

But most importantly we have been practising how to work as a team and to support and encourage our friends.


We loved taking part in receptions sports day!!

Easter Egg Hunt & Bonnet Parade

congratulations to Holud Class for finding the golden egg and Amarelo and Jaalleah Class for finding the most eggs. Well Done!

Stay & play sessio

5th April 2019

Young Writers club

April 2019

Thames Clippers trip 2019

Stay & play session

6th February 2019

Yellow & Ofeefee Class 

Yoga Sessions

look at our classes taking part in yoga. Yoga helps us all to find peace in our inner selves,relax, stretch and improve flexibility.

What a brilliant start to the new year!

Children in Reception Classes have been learning about the different types of transport we use to travel and teachers have set up the learning environment based on pupil interests and stories we are reading. Have a look at all the lovely outdoor areas!

Phonics Area - children can practice phonics here.
Children can read captions and match to pictures
Why not practice writing in glitter
Order the racing cars to 30
Play instruments and make music
Imagine being a Bus driver
Get risky and learn to balance on different hieght
Wonder how wheels work on bikes

When the Naughty Bus came to Yellow Class!

 The children in yellow class read the ‘Naughty Bus’ story and acted out the story using busses they made in school. All the children really enjoyed telling and making their own version of the story that the class made a book of thier own.


As a result the children wrote labels and sentences about the bus, describing what it did and what it looks like. fantastic work was produced at such a young age. well done everyone!

Dinosaur Exhibition December 2018

Still image for this video
Everdhe and Holud

We all worked so hard at home creating our dinosaur models. We used lots of different materials to crest our own Jarrasic parks. What we didn’t realise was that there was real dinosaurs on the Shaftesbury site though. Can you hear them???

In Holud class we have been looking at repeating patterns. We decided to see if we could make repeating patterns with fruit. Some of us used 2 pieces of fruit and some of us used 3 pieces of fruit. We have also used other items to create repeating terms like: conkers, pine cones and shells. 


We have also been reading the story 'Handa's surprise'. Handa is a young girl who lives in Africa. She decides that she wants to surprise her best friend who lives in the next village with some fruit. Handa goes on a journey only to find that she is the one who is surprised....... All her fruit is gone and now there are tangerines instead.


Some us haven't seen some of the fruit before from the story so we had a fruit tasting session where we tried: Mango, pineapple, orange, avocado, guava, banana and passion fruit. The passion fruit looked a bit strange but some of us were brave enough to try it. 

We love cooking in Holud class. So far this term we have made: blueberry cupcakes, gingerbread men, fruit kebabs and pizza faces.


Dear Zoo

Still image for this video
The children of Holud class decided that they wanted to create their own version of ‘Dear Zoo’. Aren’t our voices clear!!!

Look at how much fun we are having!

Read with your child on Bug Club!

Here is how you can help them log in


Reading Diary

Here are some examples of comments parents have made inside

Tour of our Reception Classes and

Learning Environment

Outdoor Learning Environment

Take a look at us having fun in the sun on Sports Day 22.6.2018

Reception pupils and teachers enjoying sports day!

Snapshot of Science Week in Reception

Yellow Class dressed as Mas Scientists!
Giant Bubbles experiment
Blow a Balloon experiment
Children making bubbles outside!
David says “it’s going to be a giant bubble, pop!
The children saw what baking soda does in lemons!
The children explored vinegar & baking soda mixed!
Baking soda released gas to blow up balloons, wow!
James - “it went pop but in slow motion”.
Lemon Volcanoes experiment
Dua chose to make her volcanoes in yoghurt pots!
Dua getting reading to investigate and experiment!
“We can smell the lemons everywhere”
Escape from Ice Experiment,
Holud Class thought of ways to melt the ice outside
Some Mad Scientist in Jayne Class.
Mad Scientists in Holud Class!
Ofeefee Class excited to watch the balloon inflate
Amarelo Class making their own bubble mixture.
Mrs Suchankova demonstrates how to make Giant bubbles

What a fun week...predicting, exploring, testing and discovering!

Take a look at Reception Classes Celebrating World Book Day 2018

Everyone in Reception dressed as Aliens from our focus Text

Aliens Love Underpants


Year 5 children Buddy Reading with Reception Pupils during World Book Week


This term we are learning about transport. We discussed all different sorts of transport and this week's focus in Amarelo class was on boats, ships and sailing. Did you know that sailors greet each other with ''AHOY!''? Children from Amarelo Class in Reception knows that and they know a range of different songs regarding ships and boat and sea. We learnt some new vocabulary too.

During this cooking session, we counted oranges, we halved them, filled them with some vegetarian friendly jelly and let it set. After that we got a bit creative and made an edible flag. 

Look at us singing our sailors' song!

Still image for this video

On Diwali Festival of light!



Mrs Kalyan told us the Rama and Sita story.
We tasted Indian foods. Yummy!
It was fun to dress up in special clothes.
We danced to Bollywood music.
Look at my Indian Sari.

Black History Week 2017

Check out Yellow class reading the story 'Pete the cat, rocking in my school shoes'!



rocking in my school shoes final_x264.mp4

Still image for this video