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Reading Champions



Reading Champions is a whole school initiative that encourages children to read books and submit a high quality book review for each of the books read. On a weekly basis,each class updates the total number of book reviews which have been submitted. 


Classroom display

Every class in the school has a Reading Champions display.

The display includes a Reading Champions heading and 4 trophies: A bronze trophy ( 10 books read) Silver trophy ( 25 books read) , Gold Trophy (50 books read) and Platinum trophy ( 75 books read). On that display, the children’s names are displayed and when a child has submitted  a total of 10 book reviews or completed AR book quizes, which are of a high standard, the child’s name is placed on the Bronze trophy and so on for the other trophies. Once the child’s name is placed on the trophy, a certificate is then given to the child and is presented at a Reading celebration assembly.