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LO:  To listen to, discuss and express their views about a book. 



  • I can listen attentively 

  • I can talk about events in a story. 

  • I can take turns in discussions. 

Purpose: To participate in discussions about a story 




 illustration, weather, hot, different, experience, inference, Lil, rain, burn, carefully breeze, relieved 


Starter: Share the front cover of the book, read the title of the book. Ask the children to describe what they think the story might be about. 


Read the story to the children. Whilst reading discuss unfamiliar and descriptive vocabulary, clarifying meaning. 


 Discuss events in the story using the questions below as prompts. 


Where does Lila live and what is the weather there? 

What does Lila’s grandfather tell her about rain? 

What does Lila tell the sky to make it rain? 

What does Lila mother’s say to her when she returns home? 

How do you think Lila was feeling when it didn’t rain straight away? 



Draw a village in Kenya and label the picture.